Book Signing Tour & Author Meet and Greet

“Everything begins with Love” Denise Marie Hardnett

The first three books of the Grace Collection.

ages 5 – 12 years old
ages 13 ‘ up
ages 5 – 12 years old

Sunday, August 29, 2021, 1-3 pm, Goodman South Library Madison, WI 53713

Teens this is for you!

“Ms. Hardnett’s story is one of triumph over inner and outer demons. Her abiding faith and her refusal to be defined by others’ negative opinions allow her to move from sorrow and helplessness to joy and self-determination. Her story is a roadmap for others who find themselves in circumstances that threaten their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.” -William Greer, LCSW, LPCCEO Emeritus, Journey Mental Health Center, Inc

You are in control of your destiny. Choose, not to let your current situation, stop you from doing what’s best for you, like self care, knowing you are worthy, and focus on where you want to go in life or be. You can achieve what you can see. So, cut out pictures of your goals, dreams, and destiny. Always believe in yourself!

Yes, it will get tough, or hard. But, never give up. We all can believe and learn how to do something that’s hard or tough. Think about ways to achieve by finding a way, even if you ask for help. I am a problem solver.

Asking for help is okay. That’s even a smart thing to do. I am smart!

I am confident.

My appearance is important, but my self-worth and abilities is even greater. I love me.

This special book for teens is designs for you. It’s a book to encourage, empower, forgiveness, and healing overcoming to experience of domestic violence and abuse. With a journal, workbook, and activities for you to write and share.

Here’s the link

A message just for you

Good Morning and Good Evening friends,

Its been a rough 2020, but especially harder for the ones dealing with emotional, mentally, and physical abuse. I talk with lots of women via helpline calls and emails.

No one has the right to tell you what to do or when to leave. Only you can make that choice for you.

When you decide:

  1. Get a safety plan and practice it.
  2. Create a safe word to use when you are in danger.
  3. Plan it out. Collect important documents, money and put in a safe place.
  4. Notify school and work.

Uniquely YOU

I love this quote by Mandy Hale.

This quote represents my books to be published 2021.

I have grown so much. Learning and definitely doing new things like being transparent.

I’m free to be ME. I see my beauty through my flawed imperfections. I Love ME!

My adult book Love Doesn’t Have To Hurt a survivor of mental and physical abuse to healing. Sharing her story to help others. Not afraid to be what God wanted me to be.

My Unique Self.

Post what is unique about you that you can use to help empower others?

Thanks for visiting and share.



Stay tuned.

New Beginning

Good morning family and friends , I’m glad you decided to visit and Welcome if this is your first time here, and Welcome back if it’s not. Happy Blessed New Year!

Time for New beginning, so excited.

First, I would like to recap my 2020.


I completed my children’s book I Love ME and teen book I Love ME From Pieces Made Whole to be published soon in 2021.

I am editing my adult book Love Doesn’t Have To Hurt.

Each book has jewelry pieces and personal care items just for you to win.

Each new year is a time for growth and change. How can we be better?

Start a journal, it will help you put a lot of things in focus.

Feel free to comment and share what you have going on for 2021. I’m waiting to hear from you.



Forgiveness is for you!

The greatest love of all!
New year equals new possibilities

Bring in the New Year happy and whole! Let go and let God.

Life is too short to hang on to things that we can’t change.

People are dying every day. So let’s focus on the LOVE and FORGIVENESS.

God taught me to love with a pure heart. It didn’t happened over night. I had to process my emotions and feelings by writing them down.

Writing down the pain of the person that you trusted with your heart, love and apart of your life. With God we can forgive them.

I am willing to forgive. You know forgiveness is for ME.

Think about it. As long as you hate or hang on to unforgiveness. It’s like a prison for you. Meaning your happiness and joy stop.

The Process…Think about it?

We must find the love, the courage to forgive them. When you forgive them, only to free yourself. When you forgive them it is not only pleasing to God but it will be pleasing to you as well.  We must live our life to do good and that same goodness will one day come back to us.  Don’t worry it will find you.

It’s also wise to forgive when you have children together. Children love unconditional, with that being said your children will love the abuser anyway.  Please never talk bad about the other person.  Your children will find out in other ways.

What happens…..When you forgive:
1. You free yourself
2. You don’t feel anger or hate when someone bring up their name.
3. The thought of them, don’t mess you up inside.

4.Effect your day.
5. When you can stand to face them and be great.
6. Hear their voice. Remember what happen without the pain.

7.  You feel love and then you want to continue to share that love.

8.  You tell others, so they can be feel to love too.  After all, sharing is caring!

You must forgive everyone that hurt you. When you’re able to forgive, that’s when you’re healing process begins. Once your start you’re healing process, yes, it will hurt at first. Each day will get better and better.

Then you will grow and discover the love and beauty within you. Like a beautiful butterfly, blossoming flower, or praise dancing or Like a boy becoming a man.

I telling you this process because I lived with my abuser so many years and I have forgiven him and myself.  Forgiveness is so beautiful and its a gift you give yourself.  Forgiveness is Victory

Define what is forgiveness? Forgive, forgiveness is to give up resentment of or claim to requital for an insult. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Please read what the Bible say about Forgiveness in a Biblical article.

Forgiveness is letting go of hurt and pain.

Thanks for reading and come again.



I AM Worthy

Leave comments.

Self-love you can do it.

Hey Family and friends,

Take time to love yourself. Get to know who you are.

Your likes and dislikes.

Your dreams and goals by journaling. Write daily and look for patterns.

Look in your mirror and say,”I love you.”

I also love fresh flowers, candles, pictures, and writing.

*Loving yourself is the first step. I smile all the time. Be confident that you are special and unique no matter what.You can do it! Try Daily Affirmation that say I accept me, be positive, grateful, and encouraging.

*I make sugar scrubs, candles, and jewelry that I use somethings to give back to others.

*Get enough sleep, rest, and daily devotions. That includes walking outside, nature, stretching, and yoga. Balance with plenty of water and healthy foods.

*Manage your stress by facing it. Focus on forgiveness and kindness.

*Set boundaries and communicate. Ask for help when you need it.

*Spend quality time with God, reading, and journal. Enjoy your family, friends, and hobbies.

*Spend time alone to renew your mind, body, and soul. Make changes for the better.

*Create an organized and healthy lifestyle.

*Money management.

*Never stop learning.

*Create a positive work space.

Please remember to love and peace. Feel free to comment and share.

Denise, a Grace girl for life!

PS. Don’t forget to take a bubble bath.

Soon to be published books for prevention or support of domestic violence and abuse.

I Love ME children book with a journal.

I Love ME from Pieces Made Whole teen book with journal and workbook

Please check it out, and thanks for visiting, reading, and leave a comment.



Who am I “A Specific Purpose for your Life”

Hi Everyone, and welcome. If this is your first time visiting welcome and I’m glad you stopped by. If you been here before welcome back. I appreciate you all.

It’s truly all about Love. It’s important to love yourself, but first do you know who you are?

Who Am I

The best ways to find your true self is to journal. Keep a notepad or writing book with you at all times to write down your thoughts, feelings and events that happened to you.

Think about Who you are? Write whatever comes to mind for 30 days. Then, think about what you want to do with your life? Journal for 30 days.

Journal about your strengths, goals, any other questions that will help you know yourself. Focus on each questions one at a time for 30 days. By the time you are done. You should have a very good idea who you are and what you want to do and how to achieve it.

When you know who you are, you love yourself better. When you love yourself, you know your worth. That leads to you not letting people treat you in abusive ways.

I didn’t know my worth because of domestic violence and abuse.

It’s so important that we love one another, even our enemies.  Please forgive your enemies and all the people that hurt you.   And the people you may have hurt.  You can’t move on with your life from carrying burdens and regrets.

I know the importance of love and my worth. Now, I want to share with you.

A guide to finding your purpose in your life.  Please read this article”A Specific Purpose for your Life”  It helped me and I know it will help you too.

Thank you for reading and please leave a message.  I look forward to hearing from you,


Good morning

How are you? I need your help.

What do you think about Grace ‘s jewelry collection I AM Enough

Queen bracelet and King necklace for teens
Queen leather cord and King necklace for children

Post what you think. The books will be published soon.