A message just for you

Good Morning and Good Evening friends,

Its been a rough 2020, but especially harder for the ones dealing with emotional, mentally, and physical abuse. I talk with lots of women via helpline calls and emails.

No one has the right to tell you what to do or when to leave. Only you can make that choice for you.

When you decide:

  1. Get a safety plan and practice it.
  2. Create a safe word to use when you are in danger.
  3. Plan it out. Collect important documents, money and put in a safe place.
  4. Notify school and work.

Uniquely YOU

I love this quote by Mandy Hale.

This quote represents my books to be published 2021.

I have grown so much. Learning and definitely doing new things like being transparent.

I’m free to be ME. I see my beauty through my flawed imperfections. I Love ME!

My adult book Love Doesn’t Have To Hurt a survivor of mental and physical abuse to healing. Sharing her story to help others. Not afraid to be what God wanted me to be.

My Unique Self.

Post what is unique about you that you can use to help empower others?

Thanks for visiting and share.



Stay tuned.

New Beginning

Good morning family and friends , I’m glad you decided to visit and Welcome if this is your first time here, and Welcome back if it’s not. Happy Blessed New Year!

Time for New beginning, so excited.

First, I would like to recap my 2020.


I completed my children’s book I Love ME and teen book I Love ME From Pieces Made Whole to be published soon in 2021.

I am editing my adult book Love Doesn’t Have To Hurt.

Each book has jewelry pieces and personal care items just for you to win.

Each new year is a time for growth and change. How can we be better?

Start a journal, it will help you put a lot of things in focus.

Feel free to comment and share what you have going on for 2021. I’m waiting to hear from you.