Hello Family and Friends, Good morning!

Become whole means feeling secure, confidence, and peace from within.

Today, I can say that I am Whole. We can overcome any thing we put our minds to, including domestic violence and emotional abuse.  It takes Determination.  I did it!  Now I am safe, having joy and peace.

Believe me it didn’t happen overnight. Healing physical scars was one thing, but healing emotional scars took a lot longer.

 I cannot promise the road to overcoming abuse will be easy or the process time will be short but with support, knowledge and determination you can do it too.  What I can promise, is that you can do it if you try. 

If it never get dealt with, then the cycle of abuse continues.  Only when the cycle of abuse is broken, ended then healing comes. 

God is the true Healer.  You are Awesome, amazing and worth it. So take control of your life.

Tips that work:

Listen-practice active listening when someone shares their story of abuse with you.

Repeat back what you think you heard them say to you without judgement.

Focus on supporting and have love for them because abuse is difficult and confusing.

Encourage them to be around positive family and friends.

Pick up a book, hobby, or class.

Remember trouble don’t last always, joy does come in the morning.

That’s empowerment. And remember to pass love. knowledge, and encouragement on to someone else.

All the best,

Grace girl, Denise M. Hardnett

“Love Doesn’t Have To Hurt”


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Good morning, All. I’m glad you stopped by. Let’s talk about the power of words.

I believe words have power, so I get up every morning speaking over my day. I say the words from my mouth what I want to see or have that day.

When you have been through trauma or any kind of abuse. You need to have ways to make you want to get up every day. For me, it’s affirmations.

Anytime I am feeling something like sadness, hurt, angry, or fear. It can be anything.

I say:

I’m going to have a good day.

I’m thankful for…

I know my worth

I am amazing.

I can do it, all the things I need to get done.

I am enough.

It really helps me have a good day.

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