“I Love ME”

Good day family and friends, Everything begins with love!

I am so over the top pleased to tell you about my soon to be published Children’s book I Love ME for ages 3 to 8 years old.

Grace is telling her story of abuse and healing teaching young children who have experienced trauma and abuse learn hope, coping skills, and empowerment to help break the silence.

I Love ME brings awareness about their own bodies, understanding their feeling of loneliness, self worth, learning that they are not alone and that they are enough.

Stay tuned for a chance for ten blessed person to receive a grace bracelet and sugar scrub set.

What do think of the book cover? Do you think this kind of book is needed? I love and look forward to your thoughts. Thanks!


2 thoughts on ““I Love ME”

  1. Yes, I love the cover! I do think this is needed. The black and brown community so often gets left behind and are the last ones to know that they have worth and that love lives inside them. As so they are not overshadowed by their negative experiences, it must begin as children to help ensure that the belief of love, worth and abundance is what becomes them. You are wonderful!!!

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