Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day, daddy.  Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers

God made daddy to take care of his family

God made daddy strong to protect the family.

God made daddy to guide the family.

But we have to pray for daddy because we don’t know what our daddies been through.

Rest in peace,


Your Thoughts

Hi Family,

The tongue is very powerful that’s why we must think before we speak.  Most importantly, we must also think before we react.  In God’s word we must speak things as though they were.  Ours Words are powerful.  People lose their friends, family, relationships are broken, jobs loss all over words.  Please be careful what you say and do.

If you are thinking wrong, your actions will be wrong.  If you’re thinking correct, your actions will be correct.  Correct thinking line up with the Word of God.

If we want things to change in our life, we must act like it and believe in it.  The change will come, just be patience and have faith.

I challenge you to believe and let the Lord work in your life.  Keep a diary, write down the things that you pray about and ask God for.  Keep a diary, have faith and watch God work.

Please read this article, you will not be disappointed.

This is a powerful article “Your Thoughts Determine Your Life.”

What you Sow is what you will Reap

Hi Family,

“Giving leaves an imprint that endures for forever” – African Proverb

Love doesn’t hurt a book to empower to end domestic violence. Think about it, this is a true statement.  “What you Sow is what you will Reap”  If you give love, you get love back.  If you don’t give, you will not get anything back.

Let’s be the example for our children, family, friends and people we don’t even know.  It is so important to think before we react about things.  Sometimes once it’s done, or said its done.  Feelings change.  You forgive that person but the relationship  will never be like it once was.

Let’s give and give in any way that you can.   If you have money or not, please give something.  Help make someone’s life better.  Be blessed to be a blessing.  If you know someone that is  hurting, or lonely, need of clothing, food, let’s help.  We all can think of some kind of way or ways to help someone else.  It may be reading a book or teaching someone to read and  write.  Teaching a child or adult a skill.  Make a meal or give a card.  Made gifts are always very special and thoughtful.  What you sow is what you will Reap.  If you want to get, receive thats what you have to give out.

Have a wonderful day.  Talk soon.



Hi everyone,

How are you?  I am great. Let’s share about our emotions.  Emotions are powerful or intense feelings.  Emotions are what we feel before, during or after something. It  is so important not to act or do something based on our emotions.

Emotions are powerful or intense feelings which change.  For example, You  and a long time friend disagree.   Based on your emotions,  you too stop talking.  If you act on what you know based on your relationship with God.  How would God want you to react, regarding your friend?  Rather than emotions, the friendship will last forever and you will get through it with God.  I pray you understand what I am saying.  Emotions change too often.  Please base things on what you know.  The only true way to know based things in your life on the Word of God.  I read this article about having Radical Faith and you really need to have Radical faith to deal with life, family and friends and not life on Emotions.

Next blog we will talk about “Show Me,”  If you want your children to be responsible, show them how to be responsible.