Tips and Solutions

The Little things can make life a lot easier and brighter.

1. Little ones might forget which towels are theres.  Sew or tie string inside  tags so little ones will know their towels.

2.  Prepare lunches and clothing at night.

3.  Laundry time  pin socks together to keep up with both.

4. Wash or use dish washer at night to save energy.

5. If each family member pick up behind themselves that would generate more family unity.

I will be sharing tips weekly, thank you for visiting. Please come again.

Helping Homeless Single Women and Children

Single Parents has it harder than two parent household.  Guess what!  Homeless single women and children have it the hardest.  We need to be blessed, to be a blessing to someone else.  Here is just one way of many.

“Legacy Shoebox Project” through United Way of Atlanta helping to change lives.  Families and companies donate shoeboxes filled with items to be given to the homeless women and children in the Atlanta communities.

“Diary of Single Mom”

Diary of Single Mom is web based television series showcasing the up and downs of three single parent mom’s and their families.    I really, really like the subject matter.  Another things that I enjoy about the series, is that, how three different moms hold it together by working together.  The families are living in same building, which they become one big family.  These single moms has different experiences but through it all they work together to help each other grow.  These series are very realistic.  “Diary of Single Mom” created by Robert Townsend.